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Corporate Citizenship


Core Tech’s community service initiatives and charitable contributions continue to serve as an important facet of our corporate mission. Through the years, our company management and staff have gone beyond their regular work hours to volunteer time and effort in various community building activities.




  • Environmental Awareness: Core Tech donated 55 da'ok trees and joined an island-wide tree planting event organized by My Tree Trees at the Dededo skateboard park.


  • Community Building: During the rainy season, residents and staff of Guma San Jose, a homeless shelter run by Catholic Social Services, had to deal with minor flooding and a leaky roof. Core Tech’s contribution ensured that the shelter’s facilities will now be dry and leak-free throughout the year.


  • Technical and Higher Education: Since 2013, Core Tech has awarded $75,000 to 30 high school students from GDOE schools to jumpstart their college education. Each scholarship is a one-time cash grant for graduating seniors, who will be first-time, full-time students at either UOG or Guam Community College during the upcoming fall semester.


  • Community Responsibility: Core Tech has been acknowledged as a “21st century visionary” for our contribution to the University of Guam Endowment Fund. UOG officials recognized the company as a “major stakeholder in the construction industry and that the contribution signifies a commitment to a better Guam.”


  • Commitment to Local Arts and Culture: Core Tech has supported groups and causes promoting local arts and culture such as the Festival of Pacific Arts and Dukduk Goose Inc., a Guam nonprofit whose mission is “to educate, inform, engage and inspire the preservation, protection and perpetuation of [Guam’s] story, language, culture, values and resources.”

Tree donation and planting

Islandwide beautifaction efforts

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