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Scope of Work

Construction of the seven 3-story concrete buildings which constitute the Summer Homes Apartments revitalized an underdeveloped zone of northern Guam and offered low-income individuals and families the option of renting affordable, comfortable, and well-designed housing units in a safe and secure community.


In 2013, Core Tech began construction on the new 81-unit apartment complex in the Machananao area and completed the project just over a year later. Like Summer Green Residences, Summer Homes Apartments was financed through the GHURA-administered LIHTC program, and today, the housing development offers low-income families a selection of two, three, or four-bedroom units, with living space of 1,000 to 1,371 square feet. Each unit at Summer Homes is equipped with LED lighting, solar-powered heater, as well as energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. Common areas include a large community center, basketball court, playground, BBQ pavilions, spacious balconies, 166 concrete parking stalls, and elevator access. CCTV cameras, which are installed in common areas, and the perimeter chain link fence ensure the safety of the tenants. Including open spaces, the housing project covers a total gross floor area of 119,255 square feet.


The community acknowledged the project’s quality and impact by awarding Core Tech the Award of Excellence from the Guam Contractors Association.



Summer Homes Apartment showcases Core Tech’s capacity to plan and manage several projects on a tight schedule. For this complex, Core Tech committed to early completion while concurrently managing other construction projects such as Summer Green Residences, Summer Town Estates, and the renovation of Lotte Hotel. Core Tech mobilized our highly experienced team to ensure that all project aspects were efficiently managed, including critical components such as procurement of materials, scheduling of equipment, and deployment of manpower resources to construction sites. We also mobilized our extensive network of small business subcontractors to address specific requirements, from plumbing, air-conditioning, electrical, to fire-sprinkler system installation, thereby demonstrating the company’s support of small business concerns.



Start Date: 

Completion Date: 



Yigo, Guam

August 16, 2013

October 6, 2014

Summer Green DE, LLC

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