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Scope of work

The transformation of Summerville Residences from the run-down El Dorado Apartments into today’s thriving, well-planned, and fully-secured community affirms Core Tech’s strength as a contractor capable of completing complex, large-scale projects on time and on budget.


In 2009, Core Tech Development, LLC acquired the project with a plan to completely upgrade amenities and renovate the exterior and interior of 20 residential buildings and a commercial building. From 2010 through 2014, Core Tech carried out these improvements in four phases for a final product of 48 one-bedroom units, 280 two-bedroom units, and 84 three-bedroom units with fresh, new living spaces cooled by centralized air-conditioning and equipped with new windows and doors, kitchen cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and other essentials.

Facility upgrades include a swimming pool, basketball court, fitness center, BBQ pavilion, mailroom, perimeter jogging path, laundry facility, parking lot, green space, fully-equipped fire alarm and sprinkler system, and back-up generator. The property is secured by CCTV cameras in common areas and a gated entrance accessible only through an electronic card system.


Within the perimeter of the residential complex, a commercial building was also renovated into a mini-mart, coffee shop, and restaurant. The project improvements covered a total gross floor area of 416,643 square feet within an 18.40-acre property.

The project received an Award of Excellence from the Guam Contractors Association.



Summerville Residences offered an opportunity for Core Tech to exhibit our capacity to take on complex, large-scale housing renovation projects. To deliver the project on time and on budget, we mobilized our highly experienced team and emphasized the right planning and execution of project schedules. Because of the magnitude of the project scope, the work required that we develop a master plan and carry out the renovation in four phases. To keep construction costs within budget, Core Tech coordinated with its network of local and off-island vendors to carry out early procurement of long-lead items and ensured the availability of sufficient storage space on-site and in the company warehouses.


As a result of these efforts, the Summerville Residences are now one of the most sought-after apartment properties on Guam.



Start Date: 

Completion Date: 



Upper Tumon, Guam

November 15, 2010

October 10, 2014

Core Tech Development, LLC

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