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Scope of Work

Summer Green Residences provides high-quality, affordable housing right in the core of Guam. Core Tech takes pride in the four-story, 72-unit residential building, which sets new standards for local low-income housing design and construction by incorporating a variety of sustainable design elements into an appealing, comfortable home.


With financing from GHURA’s LIHTC program, Core Tech began working to provide a home for families making less than 60 percent of Guam’s Area Median Income in 2013 and met the target turnover date of July 2014, thereby allowing residents to move into the community beginning in August. As the general contractor, we adhered to high quality control and performance standards, which resulted in zero safety incidents. Although not required by the contract, Core Tech integrated numerous environmentally friendly features into every aspect of the project, including designs to maximize natural lighting, LED lighting for the units, solar-powered outdoor lights, solar-powered water heaters with electric back-up, energy-efficient appliances, and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Roofs were also insulated for thermal comfort and to reduce heat gain on the HVAC system.


Taking into account the diverse interests of the tenants, Core Tech built outstanding amenities such as BBQ pavilions, a basketball court, paved parking stalls, and a fitness center on top of ADA-compliant features, including an elevator serving all floors and one-, two-, and three-bedroom units designed for accessibility. Including open spaces, the housing project covers a total gross floor area of 228,335 square feet.


In recognition of our efforts, Core Tech received an outstanding evaluation from the client and an Award of Excellence in Construction from the Guam Contractors Association.



Before site improvement work began, tests conducted at the construction site yielded erratic results, which required ground area stabilization work. Although the findings threatened to push back the construction schedule, Core Tech rose to the challenge and partnered with a geotechnical firm to proceed with a solution that required driving a foundation of 212 concrete piles. Specially-trained Core Tech personnel successfully completed the piling work under the supervision and monitoring of the geotechnical firm. Moreover, Core Tech mitigated the risk of having a flood zone area near the site by diverting run-off into a new, properly percolating catchment system.


In addition to the customary Core Tech Quality Control (QC) and Assurance standards, the Summer Green Residences project underwent continuous and periodic inspection as required in the provisions of the 2009 International Building Code.



Start Date: 

Completion Date: 



Tamuning, Guam

January 13, 2013

July 17, 2014

Summer Green DE, LLC

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