2018 Prometric Test Center
2018 GSWA Transfer Stations
2018 AAFB Passenger Terminal
2018 GDOE New Warehouses
2017 Summer Towers 1
2016 STE Senior Housing
2015 Guam Solar-NRG Sunora
2015 GPA-GWA
2015 iLearn
2015 Summer Homes
2015 St. Paul Renovation
2015 Ukudu Batch Plant
2014 Agana Wastewater Treatment
2014 East Hagatna Mural Wall
2014 Summer Green Residences
2014 Lotte Hotel
2014 Route 11 & Route 1
2014 Summerville
2014 Summer Green
2011 Summer Garden
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Our dedication to performing the highest quality of work never wavers in our projects. From planning through completion, our pursuit of excellence is shown by the awards we have received throughout the years.


Core Tech has developed a solid reputation of delivering complex projects on time and within budget. It is licensed by the local government of Guam to engage in business as a general contractor for almost all construction classifications, including general engineering contracting, general building contracting, and specialty contracting (Class A, Class B, Class C1 through C58 and C68).


Core Tech is fully backed by U.S. Treasury listed bond credit provided by the Zurich Group of Companies and has a substantial amount of working capital and credit facility to support large scale projects.

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