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Scope of Work

As a precursor to our own low-income housing properties, Core Tech had the privilege of constructing this model subdivision that provides high-end features for low- to moderate-income families.


Our scope of work involved site development of the total 65 acres of land area and construction of 301 brand new housing units of three- and four-bedroom units, paved roads, and infrastructure, including water line distribution, drainage lines, sewer lines, and exterior electrical distribution lines. We also secured the property by installing an automated entry gate and chain link fence around the community and built amenities such as a community center, computer lab, centralized mail delivery, on-site laundry facilities, and outdoor basketball court.



Keeping in mind that this well-planned, multi-residential community was ultimately for low- to moderate-income Guamanians, we strove to keep construction costs as low as possible while providing full service infrastructure and quality recreational facilities to reduce the burden of construction costs on the tenants. This fine balance of quality and cost was a consideration throughout the project and challenged us to coordinate meticulously with our vendors to find the best materials for the right prices while staying on schedule.


Additionally, the project’s particular funding arrangement and the number of amenities in the project design presented some challenges, as well as our groundbreaking method of constructing the homes with pre-cast materials, which required extensive training of our workers. 


Despite all of the challenges mentioned above, this project ultimately allowed us to help our community and demonstrate our professionalism and technical capabilities.



Start Date: 

Completion Date: 



Dededo, Guam

October 10, 2005

August 1, 2009

Ironbridge Capital, LLC

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