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Scope of Work

This design-build project provided a variety of repairs and improvements to 99 existing units for enlisted recruits and officers in South Finegayan, Guam.


Improvements included conversion of carports to garages and installations of exterior storage spaces, trash enclosures, concrete roof slabs over new front and rear patios with lighting and textured concrete floors, mirrored closet doors, ceramic tiles and better-quality vinyl composition floor tiles, separate switches for bathroom lights and exhaust fans, ceiling fans with concealed wiring, additional electrical outlets, computer data ports/telephone ports, and upgraded cable TV jacks, as well as re-configuration of existing laundry/utility rooms, refurbishing and removal/replacement of existing air conditioning systems, modification of existing concrete walks and restoration of ground covers.


Other repairs to the units included replacement of worn-out architectural finishes, exterior and interior doors and hardware, windows, closet doors and shelves, bathroom floor and wall finishes, kitchen countertops, plumbing fixtures and accessories, hot and cold water piping, waste and vent piping, toilet accessories, garbage disposals, range hoods, exhaust fans, door chimes, power panels, wiring devices, light fixtures and smoke detectors.



From the beginning, this project proved demanding, as we had to start by creating a safe working environment for our workers and the tenants of occupied units. To ensure minimal disturbance of the residents, Core Tech took into consideration the set schedule of work for each cluster of units but performed the actual construction based on the availability of unoccupied units. Although this system, together with the cement shortage on Guam at the time, made it difficult to meet the turn-over schedules of finished houses, we nevertheless continued to make sure that detailed safety planning, assessment, and monitoring were involved prior to demolition work in order to avoid any possible accident or mishap. In doing so, we were able to keep the site safe throughout the duration of the project, and the perseverance, coordination, and cooperation of everyone involved allowed us to successfully complete the project within the contract period. 



Start Date: 

Completion Date: 




March 03, 2006

August 05, 2008


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